Thai Health Promotion Foundation "Life Goes On" 75 sec. online film (no sub)


In May 2022, Thailand is moving towards COVID-19 becoming an endemic disease. various social activities will start to come back, but Covid hasn't gone anywhere. remain in society and live. How should we act?

The Ministry of Public Health and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation believe that we can all walk safely from not getting infected and not infect others. Our practice during this period is that we want everyone to be prepared to be "ready to fight, ready to prevent" COVID-19.

Ready to protect: get vaccinated. Complete as scheduled / Wear a mask, wash your hands, social distancing is still a very important measure / ATK check. Distancing when socializing is necessary. And we won't have to go back and start over.

Title : 'Life Goes On'
Clients : Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Creative / Director : Suthisak Sucharittanonta
DoP : Pip Sreshthaputra
Executive Producer : Pump Pradubpongsa
Producer : Ice Vutthisomboon
Asst Director : Amp Innim
Production Manager : Yong Yamavirun
Casting : Karn
Wardrobe : Rodmay
Location : Ohm
Art Director : Man
Camera : Bigeye
Lighting&Grips : Siamlite
Service Team : Chart Yuemai
Driver: Tui Jittiwut / Nong Chuchor
Post Producer : Book Waratchaiyakan
Editor : Ake
Assistant Editor : Mai Malaphan
Colorist : Pam
Online Artist : Oiew Inmee
Online Producer : Oum Boonsorn
Post Production Company : Postini
Sound studio : Banana Sound Studio

Clients :
Production :
Creative / Film Director :
Editor :