The Fighters Project A photography project from Suthisak Sucharittanonta is a dramatic celebration of Thai people with disabilities “With my passion for creative works and photography, I want to use my skills and abilities for the greater good. That’s why I started The Fighters project.”

In adland, Suthisak ‘Suthi’ Sucharittanonta is best known as one of Thailand’s trailblazing creative leaders, the creative chairman of BBDO Bangkok. But he’s also a photographer with a sharp eye and a flair for dramatic images spliced with shadows and shards of light. He rarely ventures out without his trusty Leica in hand (check out his Instagram here).

But while his work tends to the architectural this summer, he released his most meaningful and human photography projects to date. The Fighters is a series of photographs of six individuals with disabilities, who have spent their whole lives fighting to excel. The images debuted in an exhibition which toured around Thailand, where photobooks and photo prints were sold to raise money for the Thai Disabled Development Foundation.

According to Suthisak, he also intended to give a platform to inspirational individuals and to encourage the people of Thailand to view people with disabilities through a different lens. “I want the photographs and stories of these six fighters to inspire the community, so that people are motivated to embrace their lives without having the thought of mental or physical inadequacy become an obstacle. In addition, I hope to remove the negative stigma around people with disabilities, so that they could have equal opportunities as the general public without feeling inferior.”

The Fighters” exhibition will be held on the 3rd floor at Eden Zone of Central World, free of charge, on 10-14 July 2019 from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm. You may also donate by purchasing the photobook and all photographs, which are available all day.

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Source: LBBonline
Solo Exhibition 2019-07-10